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Sooke, British Columbia

Favorite Activities

Hiking & Camping


West Coast Heeler Pack

West coast heeler pack

Words to live by

Life is better with dogs.

Favorite Trail

Mt. Quimper


Alicia is such an adventurer at heart that she actually does it for a living. *Cue envy* In 2016 she started her busines, West Coast Heeler Pack Canine Adventures. She offers day hikes for some really lucky dogs on the West Coast of British Columbia.

At the heart of it all is Kona and Cali.

Kona is your typical girl, bossy and sensitive, the perfect mixture for an emotional roller coaster. She’s been doing agility for seven years and she holds the title of Champion Stick Chewer.

Cali is the redhead firecracker in the family. She also does agility, but her really passion is trick training. She’s the free spirited youngin’.

Collectively, they all enjoy hiking, camping, 4×4-ing and water activities like SUP and kayaking.

All this is just scratching the surface and they are never far from adventure. These girls are the definition of working dogs, which makes Alicia’s lifestyle perfect for these Master Log Jumpers.