perfectly imperfect program

From time to time, we receive items that do not meet our company standards cosmetically. The items aren’t defective in any way, but they will have a blemish, scratch or scuff. Such is life right? They are always small and most of the time not very noticeable, but we uphold high quality standards and for that reason, we will not sell them to customers.

So, every now and then, we find ourselves with a number of items that by all technical/mechanical standards, are perfect, but aesthetically don’t quite cut it.

That’s why we’ve created our Perfectly Imperfect Program (or PIP). We wanted some good to come of these otherwise lonely items and what better way to do that than giving them a chance with dogs who are looking for their chance!

When we collect anywhere from 25 to 50 items, we donate them to shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations. Everyone (and thing) deserves a chance to fulfill their purpose, which is why this program is near and dear to us.

* Please note: Donated items are strictly for organizational use only. US ONLY.

PIP Partners

Glen Highland Farm’s, Sweet Border Collie Rescue, were lucky enough to receive a donation of leashes. We are so appreciative since we have close to 60 dogs on premise at all times and the leashes make movement of rescue dogs much easier. Many dogs have collar issues
from being mis-handled so having slip leads works well.

We really appreciate the thoughtfulness of ZUMI sharing a high quality product with rescue.

Lillie Goodrich

Co-Founder, Glen Highland Farm

PIP Application