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    Our Mindset

    Here at ZUMI our gear is different, because it’s not just built to perform, but also to remind everyday adventure seeking dogs and their humans that in between all the go is the now. Dog is our mantra and we never roam alone.

    We live for the moments in between. The moments that often go unnoticed despite their significance.
    Because stopping to take in the view from the top is just as important as the climb.

    We believe in letting our dogs lead the way. Seriously, they have this entire game of life figured out - why wouldn’t we take their advice.

    We work to fuel the internal connection we share with our dogs. We create gear with purpose and intention. Gear to take us places we couldn’t have gone without our dogs and to celebrate the journeys we take together.

    We savor the little things. The quiet miracles that seek no attention. Spoiler alert: the little things are the big things.

    We are intention-seeking, “woo-woo”-believing dog nerds on a mission to inspire owners to connect with themselves with the help of dogs and nature. 

    To learn more about our founder you can read "Our Story"