Calgary, Alberta

Favorite Activities

Trick training

lava the border collie

Words to live by

Remember to breath and enjoy the view.

Favorite Trail

Nahahi Ridge


Katerina lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and three dogs: Lizzy the standard Poodle, Lexi the rescued mixed breed, and Lava the Border Collie. Katerina loves to train her dogs in things like trick training, agility, dock diving, disc and sled pulling in the colder months. She and the pups live close to the mountains, so you will often find them hiking the many trails they’re lucky to have in their backyard.

Lava is the all around athlete in the group. She’s game for any activity with her human. Lexi has balancing down to an art and even appeared on the David Letterman Show. Lizzy is the oldest and we have it on good authority that she’s pretty damn good at eating, sleeping and spreading the love.