ZUMI E-Gift Cards can only be purchased directly from ZUMI at our website. The e-Gift Cards can be purchased at any whole US dollar amount. No discounts or promotional pricing will be applied to the purchase of e-Gift Cards. The recipient will receive an e-mail announcing that they have received an e-Gift Card along with the sender’s name, personal message and the redemption code. The purchaser will receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt.


ZUMI E-Gift Cards can only be redeemed directly from ZUMI. Orders may be placed at our online store. The recipient must have the E-Gift Card code when ordering for redemption. For online orders, the E-Gift Card code is entered during the checkout process. The payment information page features a field to enter the E-Gift Card code. ZUMI E-Gift Cards are not redeemable at any independent ZUMI Dealers, including physical storefronts or online dealers. The E-Gift Cards may not be redeemed for cash and are not returnable. The E-Gift Cards cannot be applied to previous orders.

If the value of the E-Gift Card is greater than the amount of your total purchase, you will be able to use the remaining E-Gift Card balance for future purchases. If the value of your E-Gift Card is less than the amount of your total order you must use a credit card to complete your purchase.


You may return or exchange ZUMI products purchased with an E-Gift Card subject to ZUMI’s return and exchange policy. If the merchandise was purchased with an E-Gift Card, you will be refunded the purchase price through issuance of a new ZUMI E-Gift Card. If your purchase was made through redemption of an E-Gift Card and your personal credit card, we will refund the total amount of the E-Gift Card used through issuance of a new E-Gift Card and apply the remaining money (if due) as a credit directly to your credit card.

If you need to exchange merchandise purchased with an E-Gift Card, any money due in the form of a refund will be applied to an E-Gift Card valid for one year. If the exchanged merchandise was purchased with an E-Gift Card and a personal credit card, then monies will be refunded equal to both cards as they appeared on the original purchase. If an exchange results in an amount due, the balance can be paid by personal credit card or an E-Gift Card.


If you cannot locate the redemption code for your E-Gift Card, please contact ZUMI Customer Service by email at team@zumidog.com to receive your redemption code. You must verify your e-mail address, your name, the sender’s full name and city/state of residence in order for the redemption code to be provided a second time. Please have this important information ready.