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    Apollo, Pennsylvania

    Favorite Activities

    Cycling, Mountain Biking


    Words to live by

    Just get off the couch and go outside. Be active. Nature has so much to offer!

    Favorite Trail

    The one currently under their feet!

    (or Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail if you wanna get technical)


    Dale and S’mores, his young Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, are on a mission. They live in Pennsylvania, home to 121 State Parks, all of which they’re steadily checking off their list! Dale has always been a very active individual, but S’mores has given his outdoors lifestyle a renewed sense of love. Familiar trials are seen in a new light and there’s always a smile to be had with S’mores by his side.

    S’mores is Dale’s first dog and she’s doing a fine job of teaching him how great life is with a dog and in return he’s teaching her how to be a kick-ass adventure dog. As Dale has found out… “Life is just better with a dog!”.

    Their goal of 121 State Parks will end with Allegheny Island State Park, which can only be reached by boat. We’re all anxiously awaiting that adventure.

    They are some serious adventure-seekers that you should definitely follow!