My life shifted
and zumi. found me...

Slow. good things take time.

After a health diagnosis drastically changed my circumstances without warning,
things would never be the same. (At the time I thought I was the punchline to 
some cruel cosmic joke, but in reality, the universe was like "Lemme just give
you a nudge in the right direction...").

I was searching for my new path, but didn't realize I was already on it and it
was leading me straight to ZUMI.

Zumi's roots

Somewhere along the way I began doing my typical crazy-dog-lady (a proudly
self-proclaimed title) stuffy by working with textiles to create a functional
lead that would be convenient for agility, hiking and all the other activities
I get up to with my dogs.

In time, I did just that. Suddenly I was taking orders and before I knew it, I was
running a steady little homegrown business out of my garage. (Say whaaat? 
Crazy, right? Yep.)

A little luck and a whole
lot of magic

Plus a crap ton of hard work and perseverance.

It was the recipe for all of the wonderful things we've created and all of the
great things to come. (It's like being some sort of magical dog-gear-creating
unicorn. But also, a unicorn with a full-time job because sadly, being magical
is hard work).

Setting intentions

It's why ZUMI. exists and it's the driving force behind everything we do. I believe
in living your intentions and I hold space for whatever that means from one
person to the next (you do you, cause it's enough, full stop).

moments, not things

I also believe that you are what you seek, so seek the good stuff.

Take a cue from your dog and live in the moment. This one, here and now, cause
forever is made up of nows.

for adventurers, by adventurers

We're adventurers creating gear for like-minded adventurers and our aim is to
make your journey safer and easier.

Let us worry about keeping you two together so you can enjoy the little things
(cause spoiler alert: the little things are the big things).


Our products are manufactured both here in the US as well as overseas, but no
matter where they are made, we work with ethical and sustainable factories.

Everything is and always will be responsibly sourced and crafted. (Can you dig it?)