March 11, 2019 2 min read

Yesterday marked the first official day of Daylight Savings Time, so now the big question is: what are you going to do with your extra hour of daylight every day?

Sure the first couple of days aren’t the best, as we set our clocks forward and lose a precious hour of sleep. It’s only been a day, but many have taken to the internet with #LeaveOurClocksAlone. Sure it’s a bizarre concept, but one we believe can definitely be appreciated.

Surely we’re all a bit weary of the dark gloomy winter by now and for 8 months we get an  extra hour of sunlight! A lot can be done with an extra hour every day.

1. NAP

Real talk, you and your hard working doggo deserve a few Z’s… especially while you adjust to the time change. Today (11 March) is a great day to start since it’s National Napping Day!



    You 9-to-5 peeps now have an extra hour to hit the pavement with your best friend. Just think of how excited your dog is everyday when you get home from work… Now imagine how exctied he’ll be when you get home AND take him for a walk!?



      Nothing beats a sun drenched patio during happy hour with your best friend. If beer isn’t your thing, your dog isn’t opposed to the coffee shop either. He’s happy to go anywhere with you really.



        Not a dating ad, just a fact provided by every dog, ever. It might be too cool for a proper swim, but rolling on anything that smells like the ocean floor is a close second for your best friend.


        5. HIKE

          The extra hour of sunlight also means that a lot of parks are extending their hours. Perfect for you and your pup to hit the trail and enjoy the feeling of spring in the air.


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