January 17, 2019 3 min read


That’s the average of people who actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. It’s a staggering statistic and one that ironically, is usually used to try and motivate you to become part of that coveted percentage.

Personally, I prefer not to place any kind of added value to an arbitrary day.

So why is it the topic of this article Sasha? Or even more perplexing… why is it the topic of an article for ZUMI?

Well, the answer lies somewhere between the core values of ZUMI as a company and my quest to dive deeper into the amazing community that ZUMI continues to cultivate.

There are a few key “pillars” (if you will) that ZUMI is built upon.  Living in the now, is one of those. Yes, I totally believe in all that ‘setting intentions’-‘being present’-‘living mindfully’-‘finding gratitude’-woo-woo stuff.

Not because some instagram influencer told me to or because I once bought a book about it that I read halfway through. I mean those things wouldn’t hurt, but they aren’t my personal journey.


It’s because of dog.


At any rate, yes… it’s because of dog.

I grew up surrounded by dogs and nothing in my adult life has changed in that regard. And through all my years of existence, dogs have taught me many things. One of which (getting back to my original point in 3...2...1…) is living in the now. Seriously, dogs have that shit down. I’m pretty sure they invented it.

So (hopefully), it should come to no surprise that this ideal is one of ZUMI’s pillars. You can think of a pillar like a foundation or true north for how we operate as a company.

Living in the now means just that. NOW.

It means you don’t wait for the new year to start or break a habit. Resolutions are fleeting, promises are broken and words are carried off in the frigged unforgiving wind with 92% of the others.

I mean if it takes a New Year Resolution to kickstart yourself, that’s ok. But when you think about giving up or putting it off until a far off date that always seems to magically get farther and farther away… I want you to try something.

Sit down and pretend to have a conversation with your dog about your resolution.

ME: So I’m thinking about setting a New Year Resolution to go hiking once a week (inner dialog - aw man he’s gonna be so impressed with this) 

DOG: OH!!! That’s amazing! When do we start???

ME: In the New Year. It’s called a New Year Resolution. Duh.

DOG: (inner dialog - ugh, humans) Well that’s dumb.

ME: Why??? I thought you were gonna love this

DOG: I do, but why would you wait that long? We clearly have nothing to do since you’ve taken the time to imagine this entire conversation… we could be hiking  right now.

Not to go all existential on you or sound like a self-help book, but you should probably come to terms with the fact that your existence is fleeting at best.

New Year's Resolutions are trivial. If you truly want to improve yourself, learn something new, break a habit, create a new habit or whatever it may be… there’s no time like NOW. Ask your dog.

Playing ball?

  • Now


  • Now


  • Now

Finally catching that bird that mocks you from the tree?

  • Definitely now

You get the idea (even if your goals are a bit more ambitious than your dogs).

That drive, that time and effort should all be embedded within your consciousness. Just like your dog’s constant dedication to catching that shifty tail that’s always following him.

So this New Year I hope your resolutions are going well and if they aren’t that’s ok. Start over tomorrow. Who cares what the date is.

I hope you find things that genuinely interest you and that you dig into it, try, fail, rinse and repeat. Be that dog that chases the frisbee every damn time despite only catching it twice.

And this isn’t just New Years advice. This is it you guys. This is the process. Continue until expiration.

For me this looks like, well… this.

As you've probably realized, I'm more comfortable behind the scenes, but I'm on a mission to change that.

My current endeavor is to get more involved with the ZUMI community that I’m so very lucky to have. To connect with you guys more and continue to build ZUMI into the company you deserve. 

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