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    How Your Dog Can Help You Find And Pursue Your Passion

    • 2 min read

    Passion is a tricky thing.  It gives you fire, motivation, and a burning desire to contribute. On the flip side, it can make you feel vulnerable and afraid to share your light with the world.  It’s safer to keep your passion to yourself where it’s comfortable rather than live it out loud.  Truly living in your passion can be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done and simultaneously one of the most terrifying things you’ve ever done.  Luckily, our dogs give us a great model for moving forward in this fragile but incredibly rewarding space. 


    Be bold.  Dogs know when they want something and aren’t afraid to say a loud and emphatic “yes!” when they see it.  It can feel scary to take a risk on your passion, to finally say yes to something you’ve been cultivating and wanting for so long, but dogs know that you only get the things you’re willing to be bold and say yes to.


    Keep going.  When you’re training your puppy to sit, how long do you give them before you give up?  You don’t! You keep working with them until they learn to sit. When you’re training your dog, they get things wrong most of the time in the beginning.  They try something, and it isn’t what you’re asking for.  So they try something else…..and then something else….and then something else until they get it right.  Why? Because your praise and the delicious reward you’re offering is worth it.  Your passion might not be a tasty bit of beef or cheese, but it’s just as worth it.  Don’t give up just because it doesn’t work the first time.  Begin again, again, and again. 


    Notice what’s working.  Dog’s have an incredible ability to recognize patterns. When they’re learning something new, they notice if what they are doing gets them closer to their goal or further away.  This pattern recognition is what makes them a joy to work with and allowed them to work in groups out in the wild.  While you’re working on your passion, constantly look for what’s working and what isn’t.  If you aren’t getting closer to your dream, no problem, just switch gears and try something else.


    Celebrate! What happens when your dog gets what they want? Their tail starts going, their butt wags back and forth, and they get a big ol’ grin on their face.  They celebrate! When you’re living your dream, don’t forget to celebrate the journey it took to get there.  Run around, roll in the grass, shout for joy, and wag your tail a little.  Take time to recognize the moment and celebrate the joy of living your passion.  If you celebrate with your dog, all the better.