October 24, 2019 3 min read

It’s me again… Sasha. Over the past few months I’ve been sharing some of the core values that ZUMI. is built around and today I wanted to share a very particular one with you all.

It’s the cornerstone to everything ZUMI. and the roots that formed this business.

So what does it mean to “hold space” and more importantly, what the hell does it have to do with dogs and subsequently making dog gear?

If you wanted to get technical (and are perhaps familiar with a yoga or meditation practice) -  holding space is the conscious act of being present, open, allowing and protective of another. In this case, “another” is obviously furry and four-legged.

“Holding space” is the cornerstone value of ZUMI. because, as I said, it’s the ideal that our business grew from. For ZUMI. as a company it’s the idea that we should honor our dogs’ role in our journey and growth as a person.

I had to give what I was feeling a name and a definition outside my head if I ever wanted our company to build upon it. As a whole, it might sound extremely broad (and "woo-woo") and that’s because it is. It was an ideal that was extremely hard to put into words or label and as time went on “holding space” became the closest thing I could use to describe what I was after.

If you’ve ever peeped our “About” page, you know that ZUMI. grew slowly as a result of my circumstances rather than a deliberate and calculated decision. But sometimes big things have small beginnings. 

All those years ago when I was coming to terms with my new normal, my dogs help me put a lot of things into perspective.

Now, they aren’t going to sit you down and give you bullet points and suggestions to work on like a life coach, but if you take the time to listen (quietly), they speak volumes without the use of any words.

During a time in my life where things were rather chaotic and I felt like I was searching for my new path, I hardly had time to recognize that I was already on it and that it was leading me to ZUMI.

As ZUMI. evolved as a business, I knew I had to dig deeper into its purpose and learn what it really means to me and what I wanted it to mean to others. Simply having a business wasn’t what I was after. I knew that ZUMI. had to have a real meaningful purpose and that’s when I realized that my entire journey up to ZUMI. was its purpose.


Have I confused the living crap out of you yet?

In a nutshell

I spent a lifetime trying to work with dogs in one capacity or another and as luck (and weird ass medical problems) would have it, it took the form of ZUMI. It was a road paved with obstacles, triumphs, heartache and overwhelming love. None of which I could have navigated without my dogs by my side. And it’s that journey and that realization of what role our dogs truly play in our lives that became ZUMI’s purpose.

We want to help owners recognize the true significance and wisdom their dogs so kindly share with them (whether they’re paying attention or not).

So we create gear, but our gear is different because it not  just built to perform, but also to remind everyday adventure seeking dogs and their humans that in between all the go is the now.

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