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    Balance Is A Verb

    • 3 min read

    Here at ZUMI. we often talk about what we can learn from our dogs. Whether we’re talking about being a more compassionate or empathetic person or maybe finding more presence in our day to day life… 

    Dogs just have this shit figured out.

    So if you’re here and you possibly agree with our “woo-woo” (or are even just open minded to it), we’ve got some great news for you...

    It’s a process. Not an achievement.

    We love that we can look to our dogs for inspiration on how to live better/fuller lives, but sometimes in our quest to do so, we can lose our balance.

    It’s important to remember that life is not meant to be linear and balance is a verb. There’s no milestone that says you’re done or that your “morning routine” is the perfect formula for life.

    Like everything, life, is a practice. And the more you practice, the more you get back.

    It’s not about being on some rigid schedule of exercise, clean eating or meditation either. Habits can tip too far in either direction.

    I say this for me as well, after all, I’m a fellow guinea pig of life too.

    Habits can be good and be the catalyst for amazing change, but it’s important to shift and grow with time. What suits you now might not be right in 10 years from now or even a week.

    Your dog probably has a few habits of his own (internal dinner time alarm clock anyone??).

    But your dog also knows how to go with the flow. 

    Want to throw a random trip to the park at him? He’s probably not going to be upset. 

    Sneak attack him with a trip to the vet? He probably won’t be amused and it won’t be the most comfortable hour of his life, but he’s not going to let it ruin the rest of his day either. In fact, all will be forgiven the second you step foot out of the office. 

    Maybe it’s the fact that people over complicate things with a wide range of emotions, but dogs can take the good and bad equally in stride.

    Clean eating vs cheat days. Morning routines vs sleeping in. Staying in our comfort zone vs pushing ourselves out of it.

    It’s all about balance. After all, it’s a verb - an action, constantly changing and taking things in stride.

    Today is “National Day of Encouragement Day” which is why we’re here to tell you that it’s ok to eat that ice cream sandwich every now and then, or sleep in late, or go hiking when you should be cleaning the house. There’s a place and time for everything and choosing one over the other doesn’t make you a bad person. The good news is, you get a choice, every second of every day. Which means there’s room for it all. 

    Whenever you start being over judgmental about yourself or pushing yourself too hard, ask your dog what he thinks of you. We guarantee that if he could, he’d tell you that you’re the most amazing person (ever, in the history of evers).

    Making room for a little bit of everything keeps the scales balanced. And it’s that balance keeps us motivated to do better and be better, but also relax and let go when we need to.