May 18, 2020 2 min read

We’re all spending a little more time at home these days. So if you’re looking for some inspiration until you can get out there again, these adventurous dogs on Instagram have got you covered.  Spend a few minutes scrolling through these accounts to get inspired for your next adventure with your own pup!



Trails and Bears (@trailsandbears)


Rachael Rodgers is a portrait photographer that captures the best side of adoptable dogs.  She takes adoptable dogs up into the mountains of Canada for a day of adventure and shoots amazing photographs of them along the way.  You’ll laugh, you may cry, but you’re sure to be inspired by all the amazing adoptable dogs and their stories. 


Brianna Madia (@briannamadia


While not technically a “dogs only” Instagram account, Brianna shows fierce love on her account for the three dogs her and her husband adventure with out of their van.  Her dogs Dagwood, Birdie and Bucket go climbing, swimming and even canyoneering with their humans out in the desert.  Brianna’s account will definitely make you re-think what’s possible when living with dogs in a refreshingly honest style. 


Kicker Dog (@kickerdogmuse)


This four-year old golden retriever’s antics are sure to make you smile and, yes, multiple costume changes are involved. From mountain climbing to speed flying to surfing, this pup seems to do it all.  Oh, and naps.  Lots of naps. 



Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea)


You’re more likely to see pictures of Theron Humphrey’s dog Maddie blissing out in hot springs or lounging in a canoe than surfing or racing up a mountain.  But make no mistake, Maddie is a serious adventure dog that goes with her photographer dad everywhere.  Theron’s account features hilarious portraits of Maddie accompanying him in all kinds of backcountry, and heavily features her unique talent for balancing acts.


Henry + Baloo (@henrythecoloradodog)


Yes, this account features a cat.  But it’s hard not to love the outdoor antics of Henry the dog and Baloo the cat.  These two besties go on all kinds of outdoor adventures together, with Baloo often catching a ride from Henry. 

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