March 23, 2020 2 min read

* This note was shared via our newsletter, but we wanted to share this with our entire community*

I know you’ve received an overflow of emails from companies (many much more knowledgeable and qualified than ours) addressing the widespread impact of COVID-19. I’m not sure what a note from a brand can provide in these anxious and fearful times, however I am finding communication to be more important and honestly, comforting than ever.
To be completely honest, posting adorable dogs and celebrating things like National Puppy Day feels a little odd right now given the circumstances the world faces. And though I wish I had some sage wisdom to share with you, I don’t. All we can do is listen and act on the advice of professionals – wash your hands, practice social distancing and take care of yourselves.
Our thoughts go out to those who have and still are being affected by this global crisis. It’s truly a reminder that we’re all in this together. Our society is undergoing an intense transformation right now with a lot to process on both a personal and collective level. With this comes periods of uncertainty, unforeseen challenges, and fear.
I know, like me, many of you look to nature during difficult times like these, however I’m afraid that’s not the answer right now. Now is a time to look close to home. I do believe we can navigate this transformation wisely by keeping ourselves grounded and trusting this part of the world’s journey.
Like everyone else, I cannot tell you when this will be over, or how it will unfold. For now, remember we are all interconnected, on this planet together, and can come together as a community to support one another, even with social distancing. There are good things happening every day and it’s important to focus on them.
I created ZUMI. to help owners and their dogs find those precious moments in between. Moments that often go unnoticed despite their significance. Now, more than ever, I hope that you find time to celebrate those quiet miracles that seek no attention. I hope that during these uncertain times we can still provide you with that glimpse of mindfulness, that little reminder to breathe and pet your dog when things seem overwhelming.
All this is to say – we’re here for you. Our team is small but were operating to all standards and guidelines provided by the CDC. We still have all engines firing for this business which we care so deeply about. Your orders will be processed as normal and your patience is appreciated as we work with adjusted postal services and any delays they may be experiencing.

Our channels are open so we can continue to foster this community. And we’ll still be posting pictures of adorable dogs – not to make life of the situation, but to provide you with a little smile during these trying times.
Take care - x


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