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    4 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog this Summer

    • 3 min read

    Summertime…..and the living is easy.  But, if you’re looking for a little more activity than a glass of lemonade and a hammock can provide this summer, we’ve got you covered!


    Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than jumping in a cool lake or pool.  If you’re lucky enough to have a dog park with water in your area, that’s a great option for your dog to have some fun and socialize.  Not all dogs are super social though, so if your dog is one of them, do some research to find a water body near you that allows dogs but may not be super crowded.  

    If your dog isn’t already a swimming pro, take the time to introduce them slowly.  Put on your own swimsuit and start where the water is shallow, getting in first and encouraging your dog.  Give them a reward as soon as they step into the water with you, then encourage them to go out further with you until they have to swim to reach you.  

    It’s much better if this process is done over several days, so you don’t risk overwhelming your dog all at once.  Some dogs require very little encouragement to start paddling, but some dogs require a little more time, so be patient!



    Who doesn’t love a good game of frisbee? The perfect picnic game, it’s a packable and fun toy that both you and your dog can enjoy.  

    Some dogs already know and love frisbee (like, really love it), but if you’re training your dog to play for the first time, here are some tips to consider.  

    Start slow! Frisbees can be really weird looking objects to dogs, so start by letting them investigate it, put it in their mouth, and maybe play a little game of tug with it.  It’s often better to start with a soft frisbee first, so the dog feels comfortable putting it in their mouth.  

    Once they’re comfortable with the toy, roll it along the ground and encourage your dog to chase and catch it.  When they bring it back to you, give lots of praise! After that, you can start by throwing it short distances and low to the ground so they don’t have to jump to catch it.  

    After your dog has a firm grasp of retrieving the frisbee you can start increasing the height and distance of your throws.  Oh, and you may want to add a command word like “catch” so that your dog doesn’t learn to interrupt ANY game of frisbee they see going on outside!

    Trail Running

    If you’re already an experienced runner or just getting started, consider taking the sport off the street and into the woods.  Trail running is great exercise for both you and your dog, and is a great way to enjoy nature.  

    Many of the trails that allow dogs require them to be on leash, so you may want to invest in a lead that is adaptable and fits around your waist.  This leaves your hands free for running and keeps your dog close. 

    Not all dogs are built for long distance running though, so consider your dog’s breed and be sure to check with a vet if you notice any differences in your dog after starting the sport.   

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    Dogs make theBEST camping companions.  There is nothing better than enjoying nature, fresh air, and stars at night with good friends and good dogs. 

    A little bit of forethought will make sure that everyone (including your dog!) has a great time.  Do some research ahead of time to make sure your campsite allows dogs in the camping area and the trails surrounding the area.  Learn about the leash requirements and any other laws about pets and wildlife in the area.  

    Consider both your dog and other campers in the area.  If you know your dog gets loud and excitable around others, maybe consider a more remote spot to set up camp.  

    Sleeping arrangements are also important.  If your dog loves to cuddle, great! Otherwise, consider getting a lightweight pop-up crate for them to feel comfortable in during the evening.  

    There are so many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog this summer! Take the time to head out for some sun, adventure and create lasting memories.