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    25 Reasons Dogs Are the BEST Camping Companions

    • 4 min read
    They’re always willing


      You’ll never hear, “I can’t, I have to work,” from your dog. They are always down for camping, whenever, wherever.  


      They pack light

      A packable bowl, a few pounds of kibble, and they’re set! No extra clothes, headlamps, or sleeping bags required.


      They never ask “Are we there yet?”


      Maybe it takes a four-hour car ride to there, but all your dog cares about is that they are out and about, with you no less! Life couldn’t be better.


      They carry their own


      A small backpack is all they need to carry the extra treats and food required.


      They’re always stoked to be there 


      As long as your dog is with their best friend, outside, and getting to experience new things, they’re happy! You’ll never hear them complain about the location or argue about which trail to take next. They’re just stoked to be there.  




      They see things before you do


      Heightened eyesight and a sense of smell mean your dog notices things LONG before you do. They make great alarms for deer, bears, and other types of wildlife, giving you time to make an avoidance plan!


      They keep you extra warm


      There’s nothing quite like curling up next to a heater on those chilly outdoor nights. Especially if that heater is soft, fuzzy, and smells like a dog.  


      They’re easy to talk to


      You can chat with them for hours on the trail about anything, and they’ll happily listen. They may have a few suggestions for dinner, though.


      They have no agenda 


      Your dog’s ultimate goal is to enjoy their time with you. They don’t have a preference for certain trails, summits, or camping spots. If they’re outside and with you, they’re happy!


      They can sleep anywhere


      Quick afternoon nap in a sunny field? No problem. Ground less than level? No problem. Dogs can happily sleep just about anywhere, making them easy campers. 




      They’re great icebreakers 


      Who doesn’t love dogs? Ok, well, some people don’t, but the ones you want to be friends with on the trail probably do. Dogs make great ambassadors and are an easy icebreaker to make new friends on the trail and campsite.


      They don’t ask for much


      Food morning and night and a chance to be outside is enough to make them happy campers!


      They don’t mind taking extra time along the way


      Dogs don’t have much in the way of agendas, so if you want to take a mid-afternoon nap or take a swim in the lake instead of pushing to the peak, they are just fine with it.


      They love socializing 


      Dogs are always happy to relax and socialize around the campfire. Especially if it includes a few ear scratches and belly rubs.


      They don’t mind “adverse” conditions


      In general, dogs don’t mind a little mud or rain. Sure, there are weather conditions that would make anybody unhappy, but you won’t hear them complain about getting mud on their paws or their fur a little damp.




      They’re the perfect alarm clocks 


      Who wouldn’t rather wake up to a warm tongue on their face than the buzzing of a clock?


      They are endlessly entertaining


      Dogs are great entertainers. Their goofy antics and rounds of fetch are better than anything on television.


      They won’t drink all the coffee


      I repeat, they won’t drink all the coffee. Enough said.


      They’re naturally adventurous


      Dogs always want to see what’s over the next ridge and around the next corner. 

      They won’t take much coaxing to get out there and see what there is to see!


      Every day is a good day for them


      Dogs are happy as soon as they open their eyes and see you there with them. 

      You can always count on them to enjoy the day, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected! 




      They’ll always want to stay out longer


      Dogs will always say “Yes!” when asked, “Should we stay another day?” No work schedules or appointments make it easy for them, but you can always count on their support.


      They collect their own firewood


      It may not be the exact length or type of firewood you were looking for, and they may want you to throw it back into the forest for them, but they’ll definitely collect it.


      They’re always up for a sunrise


      In all likelihood, your dog will be ready to get up long before you are. They’re always willing to get up early and take in a beautiful sunrise with you.


      Their energy will keep you going!


      Always wanting to get around the next bend means that dogs are great at encouraging you to go a little farther and see a little more!


      Life is better with them around 


      The simple fact of the matter is that everything is better with your dog there to enjoy it with.